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Types of Dribbles in Basketball High Bounce. The high dribble is used when you are trying to move the ball up the court very quickly. Typically, you... Change of Pace. A change of pace dribble is used to cause your defender to lose his balance as you move the ball forward... Crossover. If your ...

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Basketball players only have 2 choices in moving the ball from one colleague to one more, either by passing or by dripping. Here we will focus on the numerous types of dribbling generally observed on the court: Low Dribble. As its name suggests, low dribble just implies that you have to keep the sphere bouncing reduced closest to the flooring.

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Basketball players only have two options in moving the ball from one teammate to another, either by passing or by dribbling. Here we will focus on the various types of dribbling typically observed on the court. Low Dribble As its name suggests, low dribble just means that you must keep the ball bouncing low nearest to the floor.

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Types of Basketball Passes and Dribbles · Types of Basketball Dribbles Speed Dribble – this is often used when you need to go fast from one point to another... · What is Dribbling in Basketball? Dribbling is the act of bouncing the ball on the floor with either one or both hands.

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Low Dribble – this dribble is highly effective when you are tightly defended. This is done by dribbling the ball as low as possible with your back bent forward at the hip and your arms and elbow used for shielding the ball. Crossover – this is a dribbling move that uses quick change of direction using both hands alternately. This move enables players to lose their defender in an instant.

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Other types of dribbling. Low dribble. This style of dribbling is where the player hits the ball very low and fast. Playmakers often use it to switch hands or quickly escape from a difficult situation. Two-sided dribbling. To avoid committing a double foul during a dribble, a player may only dribble once.

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Change-Of-Pace Dribble You go about this type of dribble by slowing down your motion that may be conceived as stopping. This would well make the opponent think that you are stopping to pass the ball. However, once you achieve the reaction from the opponent, you must be keen to explode with speed then drive through the opponent. Crossover Dribble

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Types of dribbling in basketball High dribble. It’s the most common type of dribbling since it’s carried out constantly while moving around the court. Speed dribble. Our next example from our types of dribbling is similar to the previous one. Still, the player has to... Control dribble. This type of ...