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The hardness of a ball does change, normally based on the type of ball being used. There are some “good” hard balls-those used internationally (which I believe are actually a bit heavier) and a fully inflated newer leather ball would be good examples, but there are also bad hard balls-these are the ones made of rubber that a lot of schools use on outdoor courts.

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The youth volleyball ball for indoor use is 63 to 65-centimeters or 25 to 26-inches in circumference. They weigh 9.2 to 9.9 ounces, or 260-280-grams. Internal pressure of these balls are set at 4.3 psi or 0.30-kgf-per-centimeter-squared. The adult indoor volleyball ball is 65 to 67-centimeters or 25.5 to 26.5-inches in circumference. They weigh ...

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Youth Volleyball balls: They weigh 2 to 9.9 ounces, or 260-280-grams. Adult Volleyball balls: They weigh 2 to 9.9-ounces or 260 to 280-grams. Hardness of the ball: Indoor volleyball balls are harder than outdoor beach volleyballs. The internal pressure/psi of an indoor volleyball ball is higher than that of a beach volleyball.

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The quality rubber balls are categorized into soft foam rubber and normal rubber according to the hardness of the rubber. ... Indoor Volleyball Size 5: 650 – 670 ...

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Consider your volleyball's skin coverings and hardness, as well as its panel construction. Practice your serve and dominate the courts with this complete collection of volleyballs. Choose from a variety of designs, from classic, crisp white to bright colors and patterns.

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This is the first volleyball I ever owned and I still love it. Its great for all levels with its non slip grip and great durability over the years. It is no surprise why many high schools use this ball for indoor volleyball practice and volleyball games. Another bonus about the Tachikara SV-5WSC is that it comes in a wide variety of colors.

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Hardness refers to the ability of a material to resist local deformation, especially plastic deformation, indentations or scratches. It is an indicator of the hardness of the material. Table of Contents. Types of hardness. Common HV = HB = HRC hardness comparison table. HRC / HB approximate conversion tips. 4 Commonly used hardness.

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The Mohs hardness scale measures a mineral's resistance to scratching. Find the traditional scale here and a chart of select gems ordered by hardness.