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Do Soccer Players Wear Cups And Would It Even Help?

Do Soccer Players Wear Cups? Soccer players do not typically wear cups. This is made painfully obvious whenever a player goes down injured after receiving contact in the groin area, or a nefarious...

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Do Soccer Players Wear Cups? History of the Protective Cup. The initial need for cups can be traced back to Boston's paved streets and high-wheel... Different Cup Types for Different Sports. Soccer players may be more likely to wear a cup if it is comfortable and... Don't Wear at Your Own Peril. A ...

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A true footballer never wears cups but it's up to each individual if he decides to wear one. I've been playing soccer for a decade and I've only been hit in the nuts a couple of times so for me to buy a cup would be a poor investment. If you are afraid to get hit in the nuts then you can buy a cup.

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How to Wear a Cup When Playing Football Step 1. Choose a slim, curved, banana-type cup, which is contoured to your body shape and the best style for football. Step 2. Pull on your snug-fitting underwear briefs. This will keep the cup from chafing your skin. Loose-fitting boxer... Step 3. Put on a ...

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You’d be wrong about that. Most male athletes wear jockstraps while playing any sport. A jockstrap and a cup are two very different things–jockstrap being an undergarment made of cloth to support the testicles, a cup being a hard plastic device designed to protect against impact. You can wear a jockstrap without a cup, and most male athletes do.

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"If I asked the players today if they wanted to wear a cup, the guys would look at me like I was crazy," says Hatfield. (Hey, I know the feeling.) "Let me tell you something.

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Protective cups and jockstraps are two separate entities, although those who wear cups also wear a jockstrap to keep the cup in place. Protective cups consist of a hard outer shell lined with padding that protects a male athlete's groin area. Jockstraps, also called athletic supporters, are similar to underwear -- at least in the front.

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The cup is design to absorb and redistribute the shock of a blow away from the testicles. Cups are hard plastic shells with an oval or elongated shape and may or may not include ventilation holes.. The cup fits inside a sling or athletic supporter. The cup should fit tightly without pinching. Cups come in different sizes for both youth and adults.