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Which is it, soccer or football? - Quora

Soccer and football are basically the same thing in eastern countries but in the west its not, Soccer is the one with round ball whereas football is the one with an oval shaped ball with conical ends, it also goes by the name of rugby.

What is the difference between soccer, football and ... - Quora

Soccer: Americans calls Football Soccer, because they refer to American Football as Football - which should actually be called Egg-Hand, and because they are Americans they can do what they want and the world follows. Football: Football is Football. Period.

Why does the West call 'football' soccer? - The Football Circle

Answer (1 of 2): Australia and NZ also call it soccer, for the reason that rugby, AFL, or college football are also called football, and soccer, differentiates better. also the English originally came up with the term soccer, IDK why.

Why isn't Rugby as popular as soccer is worldwide? - Quora

Football achieved popularity in the US a similar way that soccer got popular in Britain. Football was the sport that evolved from Rugby (that evolved from soccer) that was played by squads from universities against each other.

How is the FIFA World Cup different from Olympic Football ...

1. Too many events: Football is just one of the events at the Olympics unlike the World Cup or Euro where it is the only sport. The audience has a limited scope of attention and while it is still a prestigious event to win being the Olympics, it gets somewhat lost in the crowd. 2. No big stars: The world cup features the biggest stars of football. Countries put their best players out in an effort to win.

Which sport is better: basketball or football? - Quora

Answer (1 of 80): I have known football (soccer) for nearly a decade now. I’m fairly to new to basketball. It’s safe to say I’ve more insight to football than b’ball.

Here are 10 of the greatest soccer players everyone should ...

Here are 10 of the greatest soccer players everyone should recognize. ... which helped make him the all-time top scorer in football history with 768 goals in official matches. ... MORE FROM QUORA: ...

Why Italian football does not make sense in the English ...

Serie A has other problems when presented on TV – including empty stands and outdated stadiums – but the language barrier is the biggest issue for me. Fans of the Bundesliga, Ligue 1 and La ...

Do you watch the soccer live stream for free? - soccer streams

Option 1: Kodi. Its a media player which can be installed on almost any device and can be integrated with thousands of plugins. To watch a match, all you need to do is download the right video add-on, install it and get streaming. Remember: Always use Kodi with a VPN.